Siema Vital Lft


Siema Vital Ltd. was founded in 2007. We provide consultancy services for the pharmaceutical/nutraceutical companies and  promote evidence-based health care products.

Our first own product is Flavogard tabl.  whch  the first Hungarian dietary supplement to contain Pycnogenol (French matitime pine bark extract) as its active ingredient. Currently, Pycnogenol is one of the most well-known and researched natural ingredients worldwide. Flavogard is manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility according to the GMP standards.

Angel Zahariev, managing director

The leading principle of our activities is promoting exclusively evidence-based solutions through communication based on expertise and partnership. All our experts have worked for 10-20 years as executives in the pharmaceutical and/or nutraceutical industry. This industry focus and depth of functional expertise allow us to deliver added value in every project we are involved in.

Contact information:

Siema Vital Ltd.
1038 Budapest, Rózsadomb u. 26
tel. / fax: + 36 1 243-2051,
mobile: + 36 20 9327288
website: (consultancy services),

Account number (IBAN): HU69 1070 1207 4704 5604 5110 0005,
CIB Bank Zrt, SWIFT (BIC) code: CIBH HUHB.

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